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Q; At this point there should only be one question. How does this work?

A: Entertainers submit their information (type of performer, location, fees, etc) for the purpose of being hired to perform at nonprofit events.

Nonprofits become members, enter details about events they are going to hold (date, location, etc), the type of entertainment they are looking for and the amount they can afford to pay .

A search is then performed based on the type of entertainment requested, the maximum fee the nonprofit can afford to pay (even if that is $0) and the distance from the event based on the zip code of the event location. A list of entertainers matching the requirements will be displayed with the act's name, contact person, location city and zip code, description, fee charged and website url.

At this point, the nonprofit will review the list, and contact any entertainers who peak their interest directly from contact information obtained on their website. All negotiations are conducted between the nonprofit putting on the event and the entertainer(s) providing their talent. NPE assumes no responsibility for the obligations or performance of either party and charges no fee to either party for the service of providing the information.

Once you sign up as either a performer or a nonprofit organization, there are more FAQs relating to specifics for each entity.

If you have any concerns about information submited to NonProfit Entertainment, check our privacy policy here.


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