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Q; How does this work?

A: Entertainers submit their information for the purpose of being hired to perform at nonprofit events. Nonprofits become members, enter events they are going to hold and the type of entertainment they are looking for. A search is performed based on the type of entertainment requested, the maximum fee the nonprofit can afford to pay and the distance from the event based on the zip code of the event location. Therefore, it is imperative that you set your fees and the maximum miles you are willing to travel from your location. A list of entertainers matching the requirements will be displayed with the entertainers name, contact, location city and zip code, description, fee charged and website url. At this point, the nonprifit will review the list, contact any entertainers that peak their interest and contact the entertainers directly from contact information obtained on your website (don't forget to keep it current). If you have any concerns about the information you submit, check our privacy policy here .

Q: Does it cost me anything?

A; No. Entertainers and nonprofits negotiate directly and sign their own contracts. NPE is simply providing a means for nonprofit organizations to find talent they can afford. All negotiations are conducted between the performers and the nonprifit organizations. NPE assumes no responsibility and offers no guarantees for the actions of the entertainers or the nonprofit organizations such as failures to perform, failures to pay, etc.

Q: Do I need to offer a discount?

A: That's entirely up to you. At Non Profit Entertainment, we are trying to offer the best rate possible to organizations for charitable events. Non profits come to this site to look for entertainers who will perform for what they can afford. There are a lot of gigging sites on the web and this is what makes us unique. Non profits must become members and "sign in" to search for entertainers. so your discounted rates will not be available to the general public. You are in competition with other acts, so price your services accordingly. If you are feeling charitable, offer a discount. As someone who has performered over 2,000 gigs, any exposure to a large group of people is good advertsing and could result in many more future gigs.

Q: Why would I (we) perform for free?

A: Again, this is up to you and totally optional. Maybe somebody you know is a cancer survivor. Maybe somebody in your family has diabetes. Maybe you love animals. Whatever your reason, this may present an opportunity to "give back" in a non monetary way. Also, any exposure to a crowd of people is an opportunity to grow your fan base. DonÕt forget to put out email sign up forms, cards, CDs, DVDs, what ever people can take away to remind them of your services. As someone who has performered over 2,000 gigs, any exposure to a large group of people is good advertsing and could result in many more future gigs. If you earn your living as a performer, it may even be tax deductible.

Q: Will there be a way to track our performance on the site?

At this moment, we are gathering entertainers on our site. There is no reason to open it up to nonprofits until there are a good number of acts to search for. Once nonprofits are hiring acts from the site, there will be a "performances" button on your sign in page. When you press this button, you can tell us when you have played a gig. We will add a number field in the search results showing how many gigs you have performed. Higher numbers command more attention and it also helps us track our siteÕs relevance and success.



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